About Us


Litecrete, Inc. is a company based in South Florida, specialized in the fabrication and erection of steel structures, provision and installation of metal roof decks, installation of lightweight insulating concrete roof decks and construction of tilt up concrete structures. Being these three trades some of the major components of many new and remodeled structures and buildings, we offer the General Contractors, Shell Contractors and Owners the advantage of dealing with one company that can provide a sizable percentage of the structural work of any given project.

We can provide our customers with packages of lightweight insulated concrete decks, metal deck and steel structures, tilt up walls and concrete, or any separate component of these trades as required by the specific project. The advantage of being able to perform the fabrication and erection of steel structure, installation of metal deck, tilt up shell work and pouring of lightweight insulating concrete is assured by a significant number of satisfied customers and many jobs completed in schedule, in budget and in complete peace of mind for our clients.


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