Lightweight Insulating Concrete

  • Monolithic Lightweight Insulating concrete decks over steel deck or concrete slabs.
  • Full Compliance with designed wind uplift requirements.
  • Provision of slope on flat roofs, crickets for water evacuation and any R value specified by designers or local ordinance, all in one package.
  • Very fast installation on unobstructed roofs.
  • Low rise and high rise buildings.
  • Permit processing and provision of full submittal package, shop drawings and Special Inspector Report when required.

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Geotechnical Applications

  • Litecrete, Inc will offer to our client permanent solutions for a broad range of geotechnical needs, our Geocellular concrete reduces soil loading while increasing compressive and shear strength.
  • It is an engineered geotechnical material with a varied density from 20 to 120 lb/cu.ft and compressive strength from 20 to 3000 psi, the Geocellular concrete can be produced quickly and easily on site.
  • This product is the industry leader with a diversified range of uses as simple of specified load reduction, tunnel backfill, highways underlayment project and reduce hydrostatic pressure on retaining wall.
  • The Geocellular concrete has been used throughout the United States and around the world for more than 45 years, it is the most innovate product in the Geotechnical applications.

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Structural Steel

  • Fabrication of all structural elements W beams, columns, angles, braces, storefronts, steel stairs.
  • Provision and installation of open web steel joist, composite deck and steel roof decks.
  • Steel miscellaneous, bollards, storefronts, steel stairs, caged roof access ladders.
  • Engineering calculation and shop drawings.
  • Assistance to designers for better coordination.

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Tilt Up and Concrete

  • Tilt-up walls, concrete work for footings, Slab on grade and elevated slabs.
  • Laser screeding where required.
  • Concrete Aprons and Sildewalks.

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Light Gauge Steel Trusses

  • Furnish and install light gauge steel trusses, as the perfect complement to the structural steel operation.
  • The use of light gauge steel trusses can greatly reduce costs associated with material labor, shipping and reduce construction time compared to other traditional systems
  • Many trees are saved in every job with steel trusses

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